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Fungi growing in November

Species found: 330


These time periods mean especially the mass occurrence and it's possible to find some species in other times. So please keep in mind that these periods are rather informational.

Almond Woodwax

(Hygrophorus agathosmus)

Amethyst Deceiver

(Laccaria amethystina)

Anise Mazegill

(Gloeophyllum odoratum)

Aniseed Cockleshell

(Lentinellus cochleatus)

Aniseed Funnel

(Clitocybe odora)

Anthina flammea

(Anthina flammea)

Antrodia serialis

(Antrodia serialis)

Arrhenia spathulata

(Arrhenia spathulata)

Artist's Bracket

(Ganoderma applanatum)

Auriscalpium vulgare

(Auriscalpium vulgare)

Bare-toothed Brittlegill

(Russula vesca)

Barometer Earthstar

(Astraeus hygrometricus)

Bay Bolete

(Boletus badius)

Beaked Earthstar

(Geastrum pectinatum)

Beech Jellydisc

(Neobulgaria pura var.pura)

Bitter Beech Bolete

(Caloboletus calopus)

Bitter Bracket

(Postia stiptica)

Bitter Oysterling

(Panellus stipticus)

Bitter Waxcap

(Hygrocybe mucronella)

Bitter Waxcap

(Hygrocybe mucronella)

Black Bulgar

(Bulgaria inquinans)

Black Staining Polypore

(Meripilus giganteus)

Black Tooth

(Phellodon niger)

Black Witches' Butter

(Exidia nigricans)

Black-footed Polypore

(Royoporus badius)

Blackedge Bonnet

(Mycena pelianthina)

Blackening Brittlegill

(Russula nigricans)

Blackening Waxcap

(Hygrocybe conica)

Bleeding Conifer Crust

(Stereum sanguinolentum)

Bleeding tooth fungus

(Hydnellum peckii)

Blewit - Lepista luscina

(Lepista luscina)

Bloodred Webcap

(Cortinarius sanguineus)

Blue Roundhead

(Stropharia caerulea)

Blue-girdled Webcap

(Cortinarius collinitus)

Blueing Bolete

(Gyroporus cyanescens)


(Amanita rubescens)

Blushing Bracket

(Daedaleopsis confragosa)

Bolbitius titubans var. olivaceus

(Bolbitius variicolor)

Bolete - Suillus collinitus

(Suillus collinitus)

Bolete - Suillus collinitus

(Suillus collinitus)

Bonnet - Mycena zephirus

(Mycena zephirus)

Bovine Bolete

(Suillus bovinus)


(Phellinus sp.)

Bracket - Fomitopsis rosea

(Fomitopsis rosea)

Bracket - Trametes ochracea

(Trametes ochracea)
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