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Blewits and Knights - Gilled fungi


Sulphur Knight

(Tricholoma sulphureum)

Lepista sordida

(Lepista sordida)

Knight - Tricholoma atrosquamosum var. squarrulosum

(Tricholoma atrosquamosum var. squarrulosum)

Tricholoma vaccinum

(Tricholoma vaccinum)

St. George's mushroom

(Calocybe gambosa)

Aromatic Knight

(Tricholoma lascivum)

Yellowing Knight

(Tricholoma scalpturatum)

Poplar Knight

(Tricholoma populinum)

Wood Blewit

(Lepista nuda)

Flowery Blewit

(Lepista irina)

Field Blewit

(Lepista personata)

Tricholoma argyraceum

(Tricholoma argyraceum)

Burnt Knight

(Tricholoma ustale)

Knight - Tricholoma gausapatum

(Tricholoma gausapatum)

Tricholoma sudum

(Tricholoma sudum)

Dark Scaled Knight

(Tricholoma atrosquamosum var. atrosquamosum)

Soapy Knight

(Tricholoma saponaceum)

Gray and Yellow Knight-cap

(Tricholoma portentosum)

Orange Knight

(Tricholoma aurantium)

Matt Knight

(Tricholoma imbricatum)

Grey Knight

(Tricholoma terreum)

Scented Knight

(Tricholoma apium)

Knight - Tricholoma stiparophyllum

(Tricholoma stiparophyllum)

Knight - Tricholoma subfusipes

(Tricholoma subfusipes)

Blewit - Lepista luscina

(Lepista luscina)

Gilled fungi - Blewits and Knights - list in alphabetical order:



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