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Gilled fungi, gilled mushrooms
(Homobasidiomycetes - Agaricales)

Gilled Fungi

Parasols and Dapperlings
(Agaricaceae family)

Dewdrop Dapperling, Freckled Dapperling, Grassland Parasol, Gray Shaggy Parasol, Konrads Parasol, Orange-scaled Parasol, Parasol, Parasol, Parasol - Chlorophyllum brunneum ...

Blewits and Knights
(Tricholomataceae family)

Aromatic Knight, Blewit - Lepista luscina, Burnt Knight, Dark Scaled Knight, Field Blewit, Flowery Blewit, Gray and Yellow Knight-cap, Grey Knight, Knight - Tricholoma atrosquamosum var. squarrulosum

(Mycenaceae family)

Beautiful Bonnet, Blackedge Bonnet, Bleeding Bonnet, Bonnet - Mycena strobilicola, Bonnet - Mycena zephirus, Burgundydrop Bonnet, Common Bonnet, Lilac Bonnet, Lilac Bonnet White Form ...

Oyster - Tree mushrooms
(Pleurotaceae family)

Branched Oyster, Orange Mock Oyster, Oyster - Pleurotus calyptratus, Oyster Mushroom, Pale Oyster, Veiled Oyster ...

Ink Caps
(Psathyrellaceae family)

Common Ink Cap, Fairy Inkcap, Firerug Inkcap, Glistening Inkcap, Ink Cap - Coprinopsis spelaiophila, Ink Cap - Coprinus saccharinus, Inkcap, Inkcap - Coprinopsis romagnesiana, Magpie Inkcap ...

Brittlegills - Russulas
(Russulaceae family)

Bare-toothed Brittlegill, Birch Brittlegill, Blackening Brittlegill, Brittlegill, Brittlegill, Brittlegill - Russula graveolens, Brittlegill - Russula grisea, Brittlegill - Russula rhodopodus, Charcoal Burner ...

Amanitas - Blushers - Death caps - Grisettes
(Amanitaceae family)

Amanita curtipes, Amanita torrendii, American Fly Agaric (yellow variant), Barefoot Amanita, Blusher, Caesar´s Mushroom, Death Cap, Deathcap + Wood Mushroom, Destroying Angel ...

(Cortinariaceae family)

Bloodred Webcap, Blue-girdled Webcap, Contrary Webcap, Dappled Webcap, Gassy Webcap, Girdled Webcap, Purple Stocking Webcap, Red and Olive Webcap, Red Banded Webcap ...

Agaricus - Stainers
(Agaricaceae family - Agaricus genus)

Agaricus benesii, The Prince, Yellow Stainer, Yellow Stainer ...

Shanks - Toughshanks - Winter mushrooms
(Physalacriaceae family)

Broad-Gilled Agaric, Butter Cap f. asema, Butter Cap f. butyracea, Clustered Toughshank, Flammulina fennae, Flammulina ononidis, Rooting Shank, Russet Toughshank, Spindle Shank ...

(Russulaceae family - Lactarius genus)

Beech Milkcap, Curry Milkcap, False Saffron Milkcap, Fenugreek Milkcap, Lactarius mammosus, Lactarius zonarius, Milkcap - Lactarius atlanticus, Milkcap - Lactarius fluens, Milkcap - Lactarius quieticolor ...

(Tricholomataceae family - Clitocybe genus)

Aniseed Funnel, Clouded Funnel, Common Funnel, Fragrant Funnel, Funnel, Funnel, Funnel, Funnel - Clitocybe sinopica, Mealy Oyster ...

Waxy caps - Woodwaxes
(Hygrophoraceae family - Hygrophorus genus)

Almond Woodwax, Arched Woodwax, Forest Woodwax, Goat Moth Wax Cap, Herald of Winter, Hygrophorus aureus + Herald of Winter, Hygrophorus hypothejus var. aureus, Hygrophorus persoonii, Hygrophorus piceae - Woodwax ...

Shields - Pluteus
(Pluteaceae family - Pluteus genus)

Black-edged Pluteus, Deer Sheild, Flame Shield-cap, Pluteus depauperatus, Pluteus flavofuligineus, Pluteus semibulbosus, Shield - Pluteus pouzarianus, Velvety Shield, Willow Shield ...

Rustgills, Scalycaps
(Strophariaceae family - Cortinariaceae family)

Flaming Scalycap, Frecled Flame-cap, Shaggy Scalycap, Spectacular Rustgill ...

Fibrecaps - Inocybes
(Cortinariaceae family - Inocybe genus)

Deadly Fibrecap, Fibrecap, Fibrecap - Inocybe auricoma, Fleecy Fibrecap, Pear Fibrecap, White Fibrecup ...

(Hygrophoraceae family - Hygrocybe genus)

Bitter Waxcap, Blackening Waxcap, Hygrocybe euroflavescens, Parrot Waxcap, Persistent Waxcap, Scarlet Waxcap, Snowy Waxcap ...

(Entolomataceae family - Entoloma genus)

Entoloma vernum, Livid Pinkgill, Silky Pinkgill, Steel-Blue Pinkgill ...

Other Gilled Fungi:

Amethyst Deceiver, Arrhenia spathulata, Bitter Oysterling, Blue Roundhead, Bolbitius reticulatus var. pluteoides, Bolbitius titubans var. olivaceus, Brick Tuft, Brown Rollrim, Bulbous Honey Fungus ...

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